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rwbrady -> Reverse Hostname, #554 5.7.1 error (11.Mar.2009 7:46:53 AM)

I am having a problem where some outgoing email is rejected with the following error; #554 5.7.1 Client host rejected: cannot find your reverse hostname.
I have a single E2K7 server where the internal FQDN is and the external name is  This appears to be causing a problem for some external mail servers.  How/where can this be corrected?
Thanks, Bob

Ahmad Ramadan -> RE: Reverse Hostname, #554 5.7.1 error (11.Mar.2009 9:03:34 AM)

Hi Mate

The thing is that some companies have mechanisim whether it was a SW or HW to do a Reverse lookups on every domain try to make an SMTP coonection aka send email to them
meaning that when u try to send email from your domain to which is using the reverse lookups before i accept the mail i will make a reverse lookup on ur domain and check if u have a PTR recorde pointing to the same domain or no, if yes the mail will be accepted otherwise u will be rejected and sometimes will be handeled as a spammer
to fix this contact your domain registerer or ISP and tell them to make a PTR recorde pointing to your public MX recorde and u will be fine


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