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ezeki -> Uninstall MSX 2k7 (13.Mar.2009 5:57:58 AM)

Guys I have a SCC cluster active/active/active/passive cluster which I wish to rebuild, the MSX2k7 setup is running along side MSX2k3 and I wish to completely remove all three SCC clustered mailbox server roles.

Any one know if there are any issues with removing all mailbox server roles on 2k7 - will my production 2k3 setup be affected?

mark@mvps.org -> RE: Uninstall MSX 2k7 (13.Mar.2009 8:06:58 AM)

Simply removing a 2007 server, or indeed all of them, will not affect anything about your 2003 environment unless you're using the CAS/HT and have replaced the Ex2003 FE boxes.

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