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cgroothius -> Invalid Message ID in Email Headers (17.Mar.2009 8:56:26 PM)

Hi all,

looking for some help with message id in headers.  We are having messages rejected by one large organization who is checking the email headers message id.  We are sending "message id" they say we need to send "messageid@messageid" to be RFC 2822 compliant. where can one alter this ?  Is it configurable in Exchange 2007? or is it a function of the email clients?  I have serached the net to no avail and am getting a little frustrated...

Thanks in advance for any input.


yeowow -> RE: Invalid Message ID in Email Headers (17.Mar.2009 10:13:32 PM)

Didn't think this was configurable? All of ours go out with <MESSAGEID@ORIGINATINGSERVER>, so I'd guess that there's probably either a smart host or other filter manipulating the message?

cgroothius -> RE: Invalid Message ID in Email Headers (17.Mar.2009 10:27:09 PM)

Thats what I am trying to confirm. 

Is it or isn't it?   It must be in my reckoning as it is part of the RFC but not there on any of my outgoing emails from 2 seperate Exchange 2007 boxes serving 2 different domains...

Internal emails have it...message

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