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bazz -> redirect mail (23.Mar.2009 11:41:36 AM)

Hello All,
new on this forum and already a question :)

i've got a problem with redirecting mail on a SBS2003.

mailbox PersonA , PersonB and PersonC

UserA has an outlook2003 client with PersonA mailbox configured and PersonB mailbox as additional mailbox.

UserA receives a mail from in PersonB mailbox.  all mails from in PersonB mailbox need to be redirected to PersonC mailbox.

I tried logging in as PersonB mailbox and create some rules for this but this doesn't work.  Meaning..the rules are there but the mails aren't redirected.

I did some lookup work for this but all i find is how to redirect all message to another mailbox and that's not what I want.

So anyone an idea how to handle this.  I guess I need to configure this on server level instead of client level but I don't know how.
Any help is very much appreciated!

bazz -> RE: redirect mail (23.Mar.2009 11:58:08 AM)

Probably best you go and buy Selective Journaling from ivasoft. Server side and flexible enough for what you need.

bazz -> RE: redirect mail (23.Mar.2009 2:33:48 PM)

tx for the fast reply Mark.
Probably you're right and that's the fastest and cheapest method. 
But isn't there a way to do it manual?

I'm lookin at event sinks now..but not so easy...

Any more help still welcome..If I find my own answer i'll post it here.

grt and tx bazz -> RE: redirect mail (23.Mar.2009 2:40:03 PM)

The thing is that if you asked a question here it's pretty certain that you don't have the necessary skills to support (probably implement, but not support) an event sink. Given that you have SBS you're probably the lone admin and whether you have time to look after the sinks which will go awry is unlikely. That's why I didn't bother mentioning sinks.

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