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slindley -> Journal e-mail that is sent to public folders (26.Mar.2009 11:39:37 AM)

We have just setup journaling at the Mailbox Database level for archiving purposes, but it is not journaling any e-mail that is being sent to mail enabled public folders.  Also, there is no option at the Public Folder Database level to setup journaling like there is for the Mailbox Database.  Does anyone know any tricks?  I would prefer not to have to setup individual rules for the folders, because we create new folders off and on and I don't want to have to remember to create a new rule, but if that's my only option, then I'll do what I have to do.

Just to re-cap, I'm not trying to forward journal e-mail to a public folder, I'm trying to forward e-mail that is sent directly to a mail enabled public folder, to my archiving mailbox, so I have an archive of e-mail that is addressed to my public folders.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

slindley -> RE: Journal e-mail that is sent to public folders (26.Mar.2009 11:59:01 AM)

On this same note, how can I also journal e-mail that is sent on behalf of a distribution group?  Journaling at the mailbox database level doesn't appear to journal that e-mail either.

Thank in advance!

rsmudliar123 -> RE: Journal e-mail that is sent to public folders (13.Apr.2009 3:28:26 PM)

Create one Journal Rule for Global messages.

This can be done by going to Organizations Configuration.
Select Hub Transport and in the Middle pane select Journal Rule.

And create one Global Rule for all messages.

Now this is flexibility you have in Exchange Server 2007. Any emails irrespective of where they are sent and who is the recipient. One copy will definitely reach the journal Mailbox. Because this is being taken care by Hub Transport.

I hope that make sense.

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