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vyroubal -> cannot move mailboxes after migration (27.Mar.2009 3:50:31 AM)

This is my first post here.
I need some help with moving mailboxes. We are outsourcing a small company. They had Windows 2000 with Exchange 2000. They bought Windows 2008 SBS. Our job was do migration/transition from 2000 to 2008sbs. So we did migration to Win2003SBS first. AD roles transfer to the 2003SBS was succesful. But now we have troubles with moving mailboxes. Operation Move Mailbox stops with failure (he said bad email). We tried delete those "bad mails" also set ignore bad emails (100) but it stops on the next email. Everything we do it stops on the 1st email in one directory. We tried check integrity, repair etc. Everything was with no problem. We tried Exmerge also. He didnt make mailbox on the new server.
Can anyone help what should we try?

Thanks for any help.
Martin Vyroubal

vyroubal -> RE: cannot move mailboxes after migration (27.Mar.2009 8:46:47 AM)

Ah, Im lucky today.
Problem solved.
If anyone will have these problems, I did this.
  1. Unmount both information stores.
  2. Right click on the newer server (2003) on Mailboxstore.
  3. Choose properties -> tab Databases and check "this database can be overwritten by a restore"

  4. Copy priv1.EDB and priv1.stm to the new server

  5. Mount both information stores

  6. Open Mailbox Store of the newer server and then click on "Mailboxes"

  7. Make right click and choose Run Cleanup Agent

  8. All Mailboxes will be grey with red cross

  9. Open the same tree on old server and choose this on every mailbox:
    - Right click on box
    - Exchange tasks
    - Next if is there Welcome screen if is not, choose delete mailbox or remove exchange attributes ( I choosed the first one)
    - finish deleting mailbox by clicking next and finish etc

  10. Make right click on mailbox in the new server tree and choose "Reconnect"

  11. write in textbox name of user who should owns this mailbox and click ok

  12. It says "something something something else ...complete"

    After 2 weeks finally done

Greets Martin Vyroubal

gpo -> RE: cannot move mailboxes after migration (15.Jun.2011 11:30:15 AM)

I'm have issues moving sbs2003 mailboxes to a new server.
Did it take 2 weeks to complete the task?

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