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cra5h0verr1de -> Edge Transport Installation error (8.Apr.2009 4:26:50 PM)

I have an Edge server in the DMZ with external DNS and Default gateway on the external nic and a hosts file setup with the hub server names and the edge server names A record in the internal DNS. Everything resolves Ok and the dns suffix is configured.
After running setup I get 1 error that indicates that TCP port 53 is not open or cannot connect to the dns. It is open.
Is this a normal error? I can ping and resove outside web sites like google and nslookup is good.

jveldh -> RE: Edge Transport Installation error (10.Apr.2009 3:48:06 PM)


You talk about the external network card, is a different card used for connecting to the LAN ?
Since you can do nslookup's to the external dns port 53 is open on the external card so focus on the other card if th server has one.

cra5h0verr1de -> RE: Edge Transport Installation error (11.Apr.2009 3:01:55 AM)

Ahh the penny has dropped.
Yes I have an internal NIC (internal DMZ) with a static route to the internal LAN. I am not using DNS for internal resolution to the hub servers, I am using a hosts file. I have just realised that the Exchange setup must be looking for a DNS on the internal NIC and because I haven't defined one, this error trying to contact the DNS is occuring.
I would think in this case that is error message is normal.
Thanks very much for your view. Sometimes you just can't see the wood for the trees!

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