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shinedog -> Shared SMTP Namespace - RightFax FAX/RFAX not routing correctly? (13.Apr.2009 9:52:19 AM)

Hi All.  I recently reconfigured an SMTP name space previously only used by Exchange 2003 so that I could integrate a 3rd party mail server (Zimbra).  I followed the documentation here.  My address space of in the default recipient policy became domain.local.

The way I understand this to work is that Exchange checks the destination address  and if an Exchange mailbox exists, delivers it there, and if not, forwards it to the other mail environment.  This appears to work just fine although I don't like the idea of possible spam and mistyped addresses getting forwarded to the 3rd party system to NDR.

However, I had a problem with RightFax 9.x.  In order to send a fax, a user types the recipient as [FAX:Jane Doe@555-1212].  The problem is that when these are sent in the system, the recipient address becomes IMCEAFAX-Jane which are not valid mailboxes.  They never get routed through the Rightfax connector and eventually NDR with the looping 4.4.6.  According to message tracking, it seems like the Exchange org realizes its a fax and sends it to the Exchange server with the RightFax connector which then sends it to the bridgehead server in the new shared namespace connector which forwards it to the 3rd party which sends it back and it loops like this over and over until the 15 hop count is reached.

Now I am assuming that what is happening here is that initially its recognized as a fax and forwarded to the server where the RightFax connector is but once there, the Exchange categorizer evaluates its "rules" and determines that the shared name space connector takes priority and re-routes it that direction.  Its as if the shared name space connector has a priority of 1 and the Rightfax connector has a priority of 2 although it doesn't appear you can set this?

Any ideas?  I had to completely delete the new connector in order to allow the faxes to get routed properly again until I can find a course of action for this issue.

shinedog -> RE: Shared SMTP Namespace - RightFax FAX/RFAX not routing correctly? (17.Apr.2009 1:34:44 PM)

The correct answer is that after making any to the primary domain in the default recipient policy, you must restart the routing engine on every Exchange server in the org.  I had restarted the routing engine on just the bridgehead servers.  So on the bridgehead servers, the default address space was domain.local but on the ones that were not restarted, the address space was still  Therefore when a fax was sent, it would append whichever address space the first Exchange server to touch it was configured with.  In my case, the faxes were being touched by an Exchange server that was still and not domain.local.

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