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Shawn.Lammers@bendix -> Installing 2007 after domain rename (14.Apr.2009 3:56:52 PM)

I recently renamed my domain, both FQN and Netbios. I am now about to upgrade my exchange server to 2007.

I ran the Microsoft Exchange Best Practices Analyzer and it found no issues, (except that the AD schema needs updating)

However, in looking at the informational items tab, there are a few things that are worrying me.

The first line says

Found 1 Active Directory domain(s) containing Exchange servers: ENGINEERING

however, ENGINEERING was my old NetBios name for the domain.

Under the server heading

Exchange server belongs to Active Directory domain 'ENGINEERING'

again, the NetBios name ENGINEERING is the old name. The domain name is correct however.

Should I be worried about these entries? Does anyone know where the analyzer is picking this data up? I used ADSI Edit to try and find where it may be detecting these entries but have been unsuccessful.


cra5h0verr1de -> RE: Installing 2007 after domain rename (14.Apr.2009 5:01:45 PM)

Hi Mate
You will find that ADDS retains your old name for connectivity to clients that have not connected since you renamed the domain. This is normal. As a check look at some of the AD user profiles before the domain rename and you will see that the UPN suffixes have a drop down box with the old domain name and the new one.
Hope this helps

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