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MartinL -> Can I demote Exchange server ? (15.Apr.2009 12:01:55 PM)

Here is the situation:
I am in a migration from windows 2000 domain Exchange 2000 server from 2003 domain et Exchange 2007.
I have VMware now, so I installed a 2003 DC in VM.
Transfered all the rôles to it, and the I used VMware **** to push my physical server (Exchange 2000 + DC 2000) to a VM machine.
The purpose of that is that I could re-install Windows 2003 on the physical machine while Exchange is still working.
Of course, the transfer did not work as expected, and now the replication is no longer working.
I did change a lot of thing on this server so that it works correctly, but I still have some issue with the replication. (2 DC in 2000 and 1 in 2003)

So my question is, can I demote this server while Exchange is still running? Maybe if I stop the services first ?

I removed the server as the DNS everywhere, and I don't need this DC anymore. I m only afraid that Exchange will stop working if I demote the server !

This morning, I had to change a password for a user, I changed it on 2 other DC (not from the Exchange one), the user could log in, but Outlook asked for a username and password. I had to change the password on the active directory from Exchange server too. That means Exchange only refers to it own DC !

So, should I install Exchange 2007 first, do the transition so that all my mailboxes and public folders are transfered, while I know this new Exchange works, demote my other server ?
Or I could also demote my current exchange server from the domain first to be sure I don't have any DC issue ??

Thank you so much for your help !!

Martin L.

MartinL -> RE: Can I demote Exchange server ? (16.Apr.2009 8:46:40 AM)

The fact is that I have read somewhere that I shouldn't install Exchange 2007 on a domain with DC 2000 active !
So I wanted to demote both of my 2000 DC server. But I have also read that I shouldn't demote a domain controller with Exchange installed on it !!

That is confusing !!

Tkx in advance !

Martin L.

MartinL -> RE: Can I demote Exchange server ? (20.Apr.2009 3:04:31 PM)

I really need help here ! is where it suggests to run 2003 DC only :

You must make sure that the Domain Controller that is the schema master in your Active Directory runs Windows Server 2003 with at least Service Pack 1 applied. This is also true for any Global Catalog servers in each Active Directory site in which you plan on deploying Exchange 2007. Actually I recommend you run Windows Server 2003 with at least Service Pack 1 applied on all Domain Controllers in the Active Directory Forest.

And I have read here in MSExchange that I should remove Exchange of my 2000 DC before I can demote it !
But I cannot uninstall my Exchange 2000 before I do the transition to Exchange 2007 !!!

I m planning on converting my Exchange 2000 to Native mode (as it is in mixed mode right now), and then start the Exchange 2007 installation... but I don't want to run into problems.
That is why I m a bit concern about this guy saying that he recommend that all my Dc are in 2003 SP1 !!

anyone can help ?

Thank you so much !

Martin L.

MartinL -> RE: Can I demote Exchange server ? (20.Apr.2009 3:05:20 PM)

Sorry, double post !

BTW, I changed the default Global catalog, DC and Config server from "Exchange system manager" to my 2003 DC !
I guess I could demote my exchange server now, but I need to be sure !

Thank you very much!

Martin L.

MartinL -> RE: Can I demote Exchange server ? (22.Apr.2009 10:14:35 AM)

OK then, I figured that I cannot do it !! Unless I want to have a LOT of problem !!

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