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lucas.kaczmarski -> Access denied by DCC? Please help (20.Apr.2009 9:31:02 AM)


I'm getting a very odd error when trying to send outbound mail. Send connector is configured ok using direct DNS (MX) way. the error says:

Last Error: 451 4.7.1 Access denied by DCC

I wonder if anyone seen it before? Or what it means?


jveldh -> RE: Access denied by DCC? Please help (20.Apr.2009 3:17:22 PM)


Is this the case when sending e-mail to every domain or just one specific domain.
DCC is an anti-spam solution so maybe it's an issue on the site where you want to send mail to.

Please check you ptr records, helo command you use when sending mails, etc.

lucas.kaczmarski -> RE: Access denied by DCC? Please help (21.Apr.2009 4:24:48 AM)

It was only a specific domain. Following your suggestion I checked the status of my domain on the spam records and found that it was blocked by Barracuda and couple other spam solutions. I unblocked it through Dnstuff website and after few hours everything worked fine!

Thanks for your help!

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