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blum81 -> Connecting iphone to exchange (1.May2009 2:36:50 PM)

Hello everyone,

I'm hoping someone is able to help me out with a project that I have been given.  A few of our managers have recently purchased Iphones and I've been given the task to get the iphones set up using the exchange option.

Our exchange server is an exchange server 2003, with webmail access enabled using forms based..  From what I've read, the iphone should just work...?

Here are the steps that I've used to configure the iphone

1.  Add Account
2.  Microsoft Exchange
3.  entered email, domain, username, password

When I click next, an extra option for 'server' appears

4.  I enter the webmail domain of

After that I click Next and I get 'Exchange Account Verified', then the options for mail ON|OFF, Contacts and Calendars

After that I click Done, and the status shows configuring sync.

Now, I would think that since the account was able to verify, everything is set up and ready to go. 

But when I go to select the new Exchange Mail Account, then inbox, after that I get an error message that says

'Cannot Get Mail.  The connection to the server failed'.

Is someone able to tell me why the account verified during setup, but when I go to use it, it fails?  Is there something I need to configure on the exchange server? 

The Mobile services in Exchange Manager is enabled with the following

Enable user Initiated sync
Enable up to date notifications
Enable notifications to user specified SMTP Addresses
Enable Direct Push
Enable Outlook Mobile Access

Enable unsupported Devices is NOT checked.

I've also ensure that the account itself has mobiled enabled, but I'm kind of at a standstill with this.

Is anyone able to point me in the right direction with this problem?

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

jveldh -> RE: Connecting iphone to exchange (2.May2009 5:03:23 PM)


Did you check the following article:

This is part 1 of a complete tutorial on how to configure the synchronisation for mobile devices.

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