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zygote -> Resource Mailbox oddness! (5.May2009 10:41:03 AM)

Hi, hope some of the gurus here can help a little with this.

I have set up a room resource mailbox for one of our teams to record holidays and out of office appointments in. It works fine except the following odd behaviour:

Lets assume we have 10 people who have permissions to access the mailbox but we have an issue that affects Richard and Bob only. What happens is when Richard adds an item to the shared calendar (by starting a new meeting request and inviting the room resource) a meeting request is also sent to Bob.

I've checked the requests that are being raised by Richard and they look correct. Richard does not have Bob on his list of delegates in Outlook and as far as I can see there is nothing wrong with the setup of the resource. This is particularly perplexing as other people can raise requests without anyone else receiving the request as well so this is only affecting Richard and Bob.

Is there any setting for meeting requests in Outlook (2003/2007) that says something along the lines of "always send the request to xyz as well"?

TIA for any help you can provide.

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