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xmaximox -> Eseutil /d (2.Jun.2009 5:37:34 AM)

Hi to all and sorry for my english.

I have an SBS 2003 with Exchange 2003 Sp2

My Priv1.edb reached dimension of about 60GB!

Therefore after have archived old mail and removed old and unused mailbox i have started an offline defragmentation.

This my steps:
Dismount priv storage
At command prompt:
Eseutil /d /p "Y:\MDBDATA\Priv1.edb" /t"X:\Priv1.edb"

Defrag work fine and has been completed succesfully.

Now question:
In "Y:\MDBDATA\" now i have old edb file and also .log and .chk file
In "X:\" i have new edb file and nothing else.

Which my next steps? Accordly with KB328804 i need only to overwrite old edb with newone and therefore mount storage and immediatly make backup with windows backup utility. But the .log file? There containt information about old edb. I not need to delete it?

Can someone give me correct and safe stesp?

I hope to be clear in my question.

Thanks in advanced.

King regards.

Subashes -> RE: Eseutil /d (2.Jun.2009 7:48:09 PM)

As you dismounted the database cleanly the log files should have committed to the database. 
Assuming you has not yet mounted the original database after defragmenting.
To swap the databases follow the process.
1.     In Exchange System Manager, dismount all the databases in storage group.
2.     At a command prompt, verify that the storage group databases are in a Clean Shutdown state with the command Eseutil /mh [database filename].edb.
3.     If the entire database shows clean shut down, then swap the defragmented database with original one.
4.     In Exchange System Manager, for swapping database, open the Properties dialog box and, on the Database tab, select the check box for This database can be overwritten by a restore.
5.     Now mound the database.

ashishjoshi1 -> RE: Eseutil /d (3.Jun.2009 6:37:41 AM)

You dont have to swap the databases from X: to Y: as the command that you have ran is to copy the temporary datbases to the alternate location.
Follow the POA below:
1) Offline defrag is completed successfully
2) Move all the transaction log files and chk file to some alternate location
3) In the MDBdata folder only keep priv1.edb and stm file
4) Mount the store.
Little bit theorotical, the command that you have run it also includes the command to run hard repair on the database, you have used switch /p which is not required and also not recommended by Microsoft.
The command should have been eseutil /d to run the offline defragmentation on the databases.
Whenever you plan for an offline defrag you should make sure that after deleting emails and mailboxes and retention period is passed, online defragmentation is completed successfully,normally online defrag runs daily night as default, after online defrag there is an event generated 1221 which tells you about the whitespace in the database, by looking at the description we can tell how much the database can be compacted after running offline defrag.
Hope this makes clear.
Let me know if you have any queries or concerns.
Ashish Joshi

xmaximox -> RE: Eseutil /d (3.Jun.2009 9:42:59 AM)

Hi ashishjoshi1 and Subashes and thanks for your reply.

I had to speed up the time and therefore some hour after my post i was forced to start the operation.

I have:
- moved db from X: to Y: to overwrite old db
- mound the database
- Run Windows backup utility immediatly. It have cleaned all log file.

All work fine. No error/alert in event viewer. Server run fine.

Is possible an hidden mistake with my steps?

ashishjoshi1, sorry for this but i not understand you post.

As reported here

/p after /d switch is used to leave untouched temporary file

instead, if used as first switch, it run hard repair.

Is this correct? I have understood bad your post?

Thanks another time.

King regards.

ExchBin -> RE: Eseutil /d (6.Jun.2009 8:34:04 AM)

ashishjoshi1 have thought that since your /d follwed /p, it was a defrag and a repair...

But when u use a switch after the main switch, the purpose of the second switch changes..

So, xmaximox, you no need to worry about things... Keep going on cool and 'm sure that everything would be fine and good as you expected!! [:D]

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