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whatsys -> find my posts (3.Jun.2009 12:39:17 PM)

why cant I find my posts?

how do I find my posts, I cant spend anymore time looking


uemurad -> RE: find my posts (4.Jun.2009 12:20:33 AM)

If you click on your user name in this thread, you will be taken to your profile.  You will be able to see and link to your most recent posts.

helpfixanypc -> RE: find my posts (13.Oct.2011 6:03:00 AM)


ORIGINAL: laiyongcong
Edited out by admins

this is totally a spam post as the question is totally different and this poster has posted a real spam without considering the question. Moderators there please do something to maintain the value of this forum.

Admin -> RE: find my posts (13.Oct.2011 11:16:23 AM)

Yes, definite SPAM post. Thanks for pointing it out. Also feel free to report these to me directly. The author got banned and I edited out SPAM message from your reply so that original SPAM message is not stored anywhere. Thanks again and back on topic now.

gurinder1987 -> RE: find my posts (5.Dec.2011 3:48:37 AM)

Click on your user name and then you can find your all posts and threads.

ying20080304 -> RE: find my posts (9.Jan.2012 9:02:05 PM)

I am new at this, this post is very useful for me.

Thank you!

janejackson -> RE: find my posts (23.Feb.2012 1:03:12 AM)

Many spammers are wondering here. 

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