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hammerfest -> ActiveSync policy and lock device (9.Jun.2009 11:55:54 AM)


When I connect with my mobile phone, I am asked to enter a code to unlock it. The ActiveSync Mailbox policy is configured not to require a password.

There are over 1,000 mobile phones and they work fine with our current Exchange 2003 organization. Users are not required to enter any password.

Please, do you know how to configure the Exchange 2007 so that any connection through ActiveSync doesn't lock the remote device?

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Dream Merchant -> RE: ActiveSync policy and lock device (9.Jun.2009 1:22:35 PM)

What are the settings on the device? Is the device configured to prompt for Unlock code after a certain duration of time??

Exchange 2007 If you do not configure Exchange ActiveSync policy to force users to prompt for password, Exchange by default does not make any changes to the device to prompt for passwords after a certain duration of time.

Let me know incase if you have have any questions/queries..

You can also refer
for any details on Exchange ActiveSync policies

hammerfest -> RE: ActiveSync policy and lock device (10.Jun.2009 4:12:21 AM)

The devices is configured to sync without asking any password. Users never need to enter any password on their mobile phones, even they don't have to enter a pin when they turn it on.

If they are not migrated, I mean, if their mailbox is in Exchange 2003, then they don't need to enter any password on their phones. I just want to keep that setting, I don't want any user to get upset, they should work as they have done until now.

There is only one ActiveSync policy, called Default, with the following settings:

[PS] C:\Windows\System32>Get-ActiveSyncMailboxPolicy

AllowNonProvisionableDevices             : True
AlphanumericDevicePasswordRequired       : False
AttachmentsEnabled                       : True
DeviceEncryptionEnabled                  : False
RequireStorageCardEncryption             : False
DevicePasswordEnabled                    : False
PasswordRecoveryEnabled                  : False
DevicePolicyRefreshInterval              : 01:00:00
AllowSimpleDevicePassword                : False
MaxAttachmentSize                        : unlimited
WSSAccessEnabled                         : False
UNCAccessEnabled                         : False
MinDevicePasswordLength                  :
MaxInactivityTimeDeviceLock              : unlimited
MaxDevicePasswordFailedAttempts          : unlimited
DevicePasswordExpiration                 : unlimited
DevicePasswordHistory                    : 0
IsDefaultPolicy                          : True
AllowStorageCard                         : False
AllowCamera                              : False
RequireDeviceEncryption                  : False
AllowUnsignedApplications                : False
AllowUnsignedInstallationPackages        : False
AllowWiFi                                : False
AllowTextMessaging                       : True
AllowPOPIMAPEmail                        : True
AllowIrDA                                : False
RequireManualSyncWhenRoaming             : False
AllowDesktopSync                         : False
AllowHTMLEmail                           : True
RequireSignedSMIMEMessages               : False
RequireEncryptedSMIMEMessages            : False
AllowSMIMESoftCerts                      : True
AllowBrowser                             : False
AllowConsumerEmail                       : False
AllowRemoteDesktop                       : False
AllowIntercomSharing                     : False
AllowBluetooth                           : Disable
MaxCalendarAgeFilter                     : All
MaxEmailAgeFilter                        : All
RequireSignedSMIMEAlgorithm              : SHA1
RequireEncryptionSMIMEAlgorithm          : TripleDES
AllowSMIMEEncryptionAlgorithmNegotiation : AllowAnyAlgorithmNegotiation
MinDevicePasswordComplexCharacters       : 3
MaxEmailBodyTruncationSize               : unlimited
MaxEmailHTMLBodyTruncationSize           : unlimited
UnapprovedInROMApplicationList           : {}
ApprovedApplicationList                  : {}
AllowExternalDeviceManagement            : False
MailboxPolicyFlags                       : 0
AdminDisplayName                         :
ExchangeVersion                          : 0.1 (8.0.535.0)
Name                                     : Default
DistinguishedName                        : CN=Default,CN=Mobile Mailbox Policie
                                          s,CN=micros,CN=Microsoft Exchange
Identity                                 : Default
Guid                                     : fcb4ab6b-7f26-46dd-bb1f-fc95d2a2a545
ObjectCategory                           :
ObjectClass                              : {top, msExchRecipientTemplate, msExc
WhenChanged                              : 09/06/2009 15:41:18
WhenCreated                              : 30/09/2008 12:55:08
OriginatingServer                        :
IsValid                                  : True

[PS] C:\Windows\System32>

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