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KN99 -> Showing BCC In OWA client (18.Jun.2009 4:13:37 PM)

In OWA 2003, the BCC field was present by default, in 2007, you have to enable it with options>show bcc on every message where you want to use it. I have a high-profile user who relies on this and he is complaining loudly.

Can anyone tell if exchange 2010 has fixed this problem?

(If anyone knows a way to turn this field on by default in 2007, please let me know. I have seen a hack that modifies the OWA code (the editmessage.aspx file), but this won't work for this client. I am hoping that there's a server registry hack or something that will do the job, or that 2010 will remember the setting from one message to the next.)

Many thanks. -> RE: Showing BCC In OWA client (30.Jun.2009 9:42:28 AM)

You still have to go into Options in the message and tick the tick.

bravored -> RE: Showing BCC In OWA client (30.Jun.2009 9:57:39 AM)

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