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millerc -> Auto Reply and Public Folder (24.Jun.2009 9:19:21 AM)

Hi all,

I have a problem with Exchange 2007 SP1. I'm trying to set up a public folder that sends the sender a reply to their email automatically. I have set up the public folder and it receives the emails perfectly. I've also set up a rule on the public folder from within Outlook using the Folder Assistant for replying to the email with a template. Now that works partially. If the sender is on the exchange then the auto reply works correctly and the sender gets a message saying 'thanks for your email'. However, if the sender is outside the exchange such as a yahoo email address then they do not receive any auto reply. I've tried ticking the 'Allow Automatic Replies' in 'Format of original message sent as attachment to journal report' tab in the properties of 'Exchange Management Console > Organization Configuration > Hub Transport > Remote Domains > Default'.

Does anyone know why this is still not working ? This is driving me crazy and I just can't figure out what the problem is.



gshariff -> RE: Auto Reply and Public Folder (25.Jun.2009 2:48:56 AM)

What permission do you have on that Public Folder.
Do u have FE and BE.
Need more information.

millerc -> RE: Auto Reply and Public Folder (25.Jun.2009 4:21:19 AM)

Hi gshariff,

I'm not sure what you mean by FE or BE ? What do they mean ? Sorry to sound dumb, I haven't been using Exchange 2007 for very long.



millerc -> RE: Auto Reply and Public Folder (27.Jun.2009 11:14:49 AM)


I now know what FE and BE is. Our Exchange 2007 server is all on the one server. There is no front end/back end split.

I've checked the permissions on the public folder and they seem to be ok as the autoreply works for internal users. It just doesn't work for external domains.

I can't think of what is stopping this from working. I've checked the email logs and the exchange doesn't seem to actually be attempting to send the auto replies to external domains at all. I can see in the logs that exchange has tracked the internal autoreplies though but not the external ones.

Anyone got any ideas as it's still not working and I'm running out of ideas.



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