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xxsubz78x -> Outlook Anywhere doesn't work (13.Jul.2009 11:55:32 AM)

I setup Outlook anywhwere on my Exchange 2007 SP1 server and it doesn't seem to be working.  I have all the Exchange roles on one server. 

I installed the RPC over HTTP component and I have ports 80 and 443 open thru the firewall.  I have verified that those ports are open as I can get to them from a command line.

Outlook Web access works just fine.   The error message I get is this:
"Outlook cannot logon.  verify you are connected to the network and are using the proper server and mailbox name.  the connection to Microsoft Exchange is unavailable.  Outlook must be online or connected to complete this action.  "

I followed this article to setup the Outlook Client:
I verifed that NTLM is used for both the server and the client side. 

Here's the steps I took:
1.  connect via VPN and setup an Outlook profile.  Microsoft Exchange server name MAIL2.DOMAIN.COM  
2.  follow the steps in the above article to setup Outlook Anywhere access to use a proxy server of WEBMAIL.DOMAIN.COM
3.  disconnect from the VPN
4.  Open up Outlook

I am still getting the error message.  I even tried Basic Authentication

pjhutch -> RE: Outlook Anywhere doesn't work (14.Jul.2009 6:58:25 AM)

Do you have a trusted SSL Certificate applied to your CAS servers? You cannot use self-signed or internal CA type certificates with Outlook Anywhere!

xxsubz78x -> RE: Outlook Anywhere doesn't work (14.Jul.2009 8:13:44 AM)

Yes, I have a trusted SSL certificate installed.  What's strange is that when I try to open Outlook, it tries to connect to "mail2.domain.com" instead of webmail.domain.com 

It will never get there because I don't have a DNS record for mail2.  That's only used by internal clients.

Jesper Bernle -> RE: Outlook Anywhere doesn't work (14.Jul.2009 9:10:12 AM)

If you browse to external DNS name for Outlook Web Access - do you get certificate warning?

pjhutch -> RE: Outlook Anywhere doesn't work (14.Jul.2009 9:10:47 AM)

Do you have a SSL certificate for webmail.domain.com and another certificate for mail2.domain.com for internal users?

Do you have different autodiscover dns entries for internal and external users?

Check the 'External host name' property on the CAS server properties in Exchange Management Console, Server Properties, Client Access.

xxsubz78x -> RE: Outlook Anywhere doesn't work (14.Jul.2009 2:55:43 PM)

Yes, I have a SSL certificate for webmail.domain.com.   I do not have another certificate for mail2.domain.com   MAIL2 is just the internal server name. 

I am not familiar with Autodiscover, not sure if I need it or how to even set it up.

I checked the external host name property and it says "webmail.domain.com".

Jesper Bernle -> RE: Outlook Anywhere doesn't work (14.Jul.2009 3:04:18 PM)

Look through Configuring Outlook Anywhere for Exchange 2007 SP1 and see if you missed anything.

As a bonus there is also a posting about Autodiscover: Exchange 2007 Autodiscover Service Part 1

pjhutch -> RE: Outlook Anywhere doesn't work (15.Jul.2009 4:25:49 AM)

For autodiscover you just need a host record on DNS for autodiscover.domain.com and Outlook will look for it when setting up a profile and connecting to Exchange.

Jesper Bernle -> RE: Outlook Anywhere doesn't work (15.Jul.2009 10:24:57 AM)

... or an SRV Record.

A new feature is available that enables Outlook 2007 to use DNS Service Location (SRV) records to locate the Exchange Autodiscover service

xxsubz78x -> RE: Outlook Anywhere doesn't work (15.Jul.2009 10:28:43 AM)

so what you guys are saying is that you need Autodiscover to make this work and it will not work without it?

pjhutch -> RE: Outlook Anywhere doesn't work (15.Jul.2009 11:29:32 AM)

It will help Outlook 2007 clients to auto configure their profile. Its not a requirement but it helps.
Outlook 2003 cannot use autodiscover so they have to do their profiles manually.

The biggest thing, you need is HTTP over PRC installed, SSL Certs installed and Outlook Anywhere enabled and Firewalls configured to allow port 80/443 to your Exchange servers so Outlook can connect up.

xxsubz78x -> RE: Outlook Anywhere doesn't work (21.Jul.2009 1:40:09 PM)

I do have HTTP over RPC installed, SSL certs are installed, and the ports are opened on the firewall. 

The biggest problem is that Outlook tries to contact MAIL2.DOMAIN.COM, instead of "WEBMAIL.DOMAIN.COM". 

Jesper Bernle -> RE: Outlook Anywhere doesn't work (6.Aug.2009 5:25:35 PM)

Take a look at Configuring the URLs’ Outlook Anywhere clients in this article about Configuring Exchange Server 2007 Web Services URLs

xxsubz78x -> RE: Outlook Anywhere doesn't work (11.Aug.2009 1:07:17 AM)

Microsoft figured it out:

After checking the registry information, I found port numbers are incorrect, please backup the registry key and refer to the following
information to change settings:


Note: please change the domain.com to your own domain name.

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