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Pantherfan -> Gui in 2010? (21.Jul.2009 10:38:35 AM)

So did microsoft actually make the gui useful in 2010? One of my main issues with 2007 is the unbelievable decision to REQUIRE common tasks to be completed by command line.

I am all for the ability to script stuff, but I cant believe a company that dominated the market ONLY due to its gui would abandon it?

If 2010 allows you to perform all tasks via gui (ala 2003), while also allowing you to script it, GREAT! If they chose to once again go the script route, they need to fire the subversive unix admins they hired, and remember what got them their customer base :) -> RE: Gui in 2010? (21.Jul.2009 11:11:44 AM)

Well, there's a little more in the GUI but PowerShell is still necessary for a bunch of tasks.
Oh, but they moved a bunch of things that were in one place in the GUI. You're going to love what they've done with the place :)

Pantherfan -> RE: Gui in 2010? (22.Jul.2009 9:10:15 AM)

yea it is mind boggling to me that they forgot their huge share of the market came due to the easy to use gui. If people wanted a command line email server, they would have used sendmail or something hehe.

Sad that I have to completely relearn exchange from the ground up, heck I got my cert on the exchange 4.0 BETA test, but all that knowledge is now nearly useless :(.

I love the feature set of the 2007 and 2010 versions, but I dont like that they abandoned all the old school exchange folks :(. Mind boggling...

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