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Sandiplaha -> Delivery receipt option (31.Jul.2009 1:44:19 AM)

Hi All

This time I am facing delivery receipt problem.

Suppose Person "A" want send a mail from his outlook with delivery/read receipt to person "B". Due to some reason person "B" mail is forwarded to group"G". Person "M" &"N" are group member.

In the above case "A" receive delivery receipt from "B", "M", "N" and also from "G".
For this also check the option do not send delivery report in Exchange Advance tab.
But it also not working.

I want that person "A" can get delivery report only from "B" not from others like "M", "N" & "G".

Also want to know the minimum update time for GAL, Storage quota, Mail Size.

Please need your help.


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