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njtech -> RPC over HTTP problems (9.Aug.2009 8:17:07 AM)

I am having connection reliability issues with RPC over HTTP.

The server is setup and functioning and using Outlook 2007 but experiences frequent disconnects and reconnects.Using outlook /rpcdiag (Outlook 2007 sp2) you can see the number of failed requests. I have a valid cert from GoDaddy. I also used testeexchangeconnectivity and its does report a problem with the last part http rpc connecting on 6001.. I tested via telenet on all ports (on the server) and they are responding except 6004 is not ?? Valid ports key is correct as well with all the FQDN names.

What confuses me is Outlook is fully functional but does have these
disconnects & reconnects even though the test site shows a issue.

I setup a PPTP connection to the exchange server and it works perfectly
so the problem is RPC over HTTP but can't see to grasp why ...help!

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