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selva87 -> Split Domain in Exchange 2007 , Routing (13.Aug.2009 3:35:17 AM)

Pls help me on the below scenario….
We have two mail servers…. One is qmail… and one is exchange 2007….
When a mail comes from internet, it will go to the qmail box, and will deliver the mails to the mailboxes in qmail.
Incase, if the user is not there in qmail, that qmail server will forward those mails to exchange server.. Using an catchall account in qmail…
Both servers are in same domain…..(Split domain)
Like.. qmail server : abc.com
            Exchange server : abc.com.
The mail flow from qmail to exchange  is working…
But, if a user from exchange is sending a mail to qmail, its getting bounce back…
Eg: Qmail is having user called raj@abc.com is sending mail to user in exchange called selva@abc.com
But, if the selva@abc.com  is sending a mail to user raj@abc.com, its getting bounce back…
Because the exchange will the check  the user raj@abc.com in exchange itself and  bouncing back.
We need to send mails from exchange to qmail….
How to send… plz help me….
Thanks in advance….

jveldh -> RE: Split Domain in Exchange 2007 , Routing (14.Aug.2009 2:47:40 PM)


Have a look at this tutorial:


It will describe how you can set up an Exchange server for shared address spaces.

selva87 -> RE: Split Domain in Exchange 2007 , Routing (17.Aug.2009 3:02:23 AM)


Incase, if the both servers having the same domain? How will you route each other?

jveldh -> RE: Split Domain in Exchange 2007 , Routing (18.Aug.2009 2:15:31 PM)


By creating the send connector on Exchange, on the other mailserver there may be an option to forward mail which is addressed to unknown accounts to the Exchange server. Another option would be to make Exchange your primary server and forward every mail addressed to an unknown account to q-mail.

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