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SeanRatVAOpera -> Strange problem when logging in to OWA (15.Aug.2009 2:11:53 PM)

I am setting up my Exchange 2007 environment.  I have deployed a CCR Mailbox Cluster & a CAS/HT Server.  Single Exchange 2003 server w/ Public Folders & Users that have not been moved.

When I browse (on corp. network) to https://OWA_site/Exchange on the CAS/HT server, I am presented with the Login Form.  When I enter credentials (as test E2k7 Mailbox User), either as E2k7.Test or as ADDomain\E2k7.Test, I am redirected to https://OWA_site/bin/auth/owaauth.dll, and do not see the mailbox.  I get the same response if I try to log in to the same OWA w/ a Legacy Exchange user (my account).

Your help would be greatly appreciated.


leederbyshire -> RE: Strange problem when logging in to OWA (17.Aug.2009 8:16:54 AM)

The owaauth.dll that you see in the address bar is the OWA 2003 Forms-based Authentication DLL. When you go to /Exchange, you will see the FBA form appear, and the address has changed to /logon.asp (or owalogon.asp or logonfrm.asp - I can't remember).  Anyway, you type your credentials into the form, which POSTs them to owaauth.dll, which then checks them, and either redirects you to your mailbox at /Exchange (if the credentials are okay), or back to the logon page.  Yours seems to be stuck in the middle of all this.  At the moment we can't tell if it's a problem with OWA itself, or just the FBA mechanism.  I would suggest turning off FBA on the /Exchange OWA VDir (not the '/owa' OWA VDir) in your Exchange Console, and see if you can log in with 'normal' IIS Authentication.

123raghu -> RE: Strange problem when logging in to OWA (18.Aug.2009 10:02:50 AM)

Have a look at the below article to understand OWA coexistence,

Outlook Web Access and Exchange 2007, Exchange 2003, and Exchange 2000 Coexistence In your case, /Exchange should redirect your request to /OWA Automatically if you login using a E2k7 account, however if you are trying to login into /OWA using E2k3 account you would get an error message. To start of with, try this-> 1) On your E2k7 Mailbox Server, try accessing http://MBX_Server/Exchange using an E2k7 account. If it works then you have an issue with CAS Server. If it doesn't then you need to fix your MBX server first. 2) Ensure the IIS authentication for Exchange & OWA virtual directory is set correctly on the MBX Server and CAS server. 3) Ensure all the required IIS features have been installed on the CAS server as well as the MBX server.

SeanRatVAOpera -> RE: Strange problem when logging in to OWA (18.Aug.2009 10:16:26 AM)

This problem is resolved - thanks for the replies, guys.  As always, this site is a godsend.

Now...if you wouldn't mind, could you take a look at my post in the E2k7/Installation forum -  I'd really appreciate it!

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