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timrenzi -> Public Folder Messages - Already deleted, not clearing from queue (21.Aug.2009 11:24:51 AM)

Very strange issue, have been trying to search for information but haven't found anything.   This is only happening in one AD site of the organization - this particular site has 2 HT's and two mailbox servers (one for mailboxes, one for public folders only)

Messages to the server which houses the public folders are "sticking" in the queue on both HT servers.   Not all messages, just some.  The messages which this happens for, are delivered to the public folder server, and go to their proper folders.  But on the HT's, they still show in the queue.  When you open the information about one of the messages, you see
"The system has already processed this message"
and if you try to remove it from the queue, Exchange says that the object cannot be found.

I managed to clear the queues once by clearing the entire queue, rather than removing individual messages, and hoped that it would not reoccur.  Unfortunately, a few days later, there is another 30 or so messages sitting in each queue in this state.    They continually cycle between Active & Ready, but delivery is not actually repeated to the PF server.

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