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mattjd68 -> Question (24.Aug.2009 1:51:25 PM)

This may double post.
Corporate web filter kicked in.
Good afternoon all.

Please forgive me in advance my lack of details.
I do not have the in-depth knowledge of an Exchange admin.

My boss wants two users, not from our company, to have the ability to "Send As" though their mailboxes were on our Exchange server but from their ISP.  My company's Exchange server is 2k+SP3 on Win2k+SP4 server.
As yet I'm not certain if these two people are on an Exchange or a POP setup.
I'm trying to find this out as I'm sure it will pertain in some fashion.

Is there a way to grant people an email addresses or contact without having to also require a corp account, VPN, or OWA?

I've read some posts about forwarding or SMTP sharing. All seem to have potential. I'm not sure if they fit what I'm looking for. 

Thank you for any insight on this. -> RE: Question (24.Aug.2009 1:59:23 PM)

You should be able to do this. Set the client PCs up to show the names they need and the SMTP address you need. You can leave the configurations for their own POP3/SMTP servers (at their ISPs I assume?).
That takes care of sending as your domain name.

Then your own Exchange.
Create an AD Mail Enabled contact and set the smtp address of the users home address - the one they POP against. The contact will automatically get a local address from your work domain. You might need to modify the address a bit.

They will send mail as if it comes from your domain. A recipient will get it as normal. Then that recipient can reply. The email will come to your system since you own the domain but since it's a contact rather than a mailbox it will be directed to the primary smtp address which will be the home (whatever) address that the users collect their mail from.

mattjd68 -> RE: Question (24.Aug.2009 2:39:43 PM)


Thank you for your reply!

May I ask you to elaborate on the following?
"Set the client PCs up to show the names they need and the SMTP address you need."

I believe you are saying I need to configure another account on their Outlook client. -> RE: Question (24.Aug.2009 2:49:07 PM)

Yeah, the home PCs just need to be configured to connect to the ISP mailbox. All you are changing is the display name (if you want) and the email address to be the corporate one.

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