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Specialistzero -> Big exchange issues! (26.Aug.2009 7:11:33 AM)

Hi all,

Please excuse my lack of knowledge in this area but I am in need of some expertise to resolve my problem.

This is my first ever server/exchange issue and I am having major problems with mail, we have 7 desktop clients connected to a single 2000 server with Exchange 2000 and active directory.

The problem I have is that we no longer wish to use exchange for mail and would like to use stand alone outlook on the client machines for the time being until we decide how to move forward wit a complete IT re-fit.

At the moment we have pop hosting for all individuals on the network so that they can try to use outlook for mail directly to the internet.  This isn't working, we can't seem to get access this way, exchange seems to want to control everything.

Am I right in assuming that we can't access pop mail using outlook externally from a pop host online?  I have tried to go around exchange but it doesn't seem to get access to the internet?

Is there a way that we can get access to our pop mailboxes online without using exchange but still be connected to the 2000 server so that we can use all other facillities, do we need to remove exchange?

The issue may not be with exchange at all, It just seems that we can't use outlook independantly with it installed.  We have internet access through the server and a router that is connected to it.

Any ideas will be greatly received.

Best Regards,


lrvv -> RE: Big exchange issues! (31.Aug.2009 12:32:04 AM)

yes!i agree with you!

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