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NeilHiorns -> Transport Rule - Disclaimer (19.Sep.2009 12:05:05 PM)

Reasonably new to Exchange 2007, but I have set up a Transport rule to add a disclaimer. Initially setup for my user only to mail sent outide the organisation, for testing purposes, and it initially appeared not to work. I week or so later I noticed that an email sent to my Hotmail account had the disclaimer set correctly (so not sure at what point the transport rule was applied).

I then set the rule to be applied to all users inside the organisation sending to outside the organisation and found it was not working for any users except mine 24 hours later.

I have since disabled the rule and strangely the rule is still being applied to my user. Where is this rule being stored? I assume it is it in AD and possibly replication time is causing the time lag, but know that this is set to 15 minutes between sites so not sure how this could be the case (especially after 24 hours).

Is there any diagnostic tools I can use to discover the problem?

jveldh -> RE: Transport Rule - Disclaimer (19.Sep.2009 3:03:57 PM)


You can enable logging via Powershell of the EMC. I recommend to enable the following logging:

Get-EventLogLevel 'MSExchange Messaging Policies\Rules' | Set-EventLogLevel -Level High
Get-EventLogLevel 'MSExchangeTransport\Agents' | Set-EventLogLevel -Level High
Get-EventLogLevel 'MSExchangeTransport\TransportService' | Set-EventLogLevel -Level High

NeilHiorns -> RE: Transport Rule - Disclaimer (19.Sep.2009 4:55:46 PM)

Thanks for the tip, I will store them away for the future use.
In the end I restarted the MSExchange transport and replication services on a couple of Exchange servers.

rishishah -> RE: Transport Rule - Disclaimer (20.Oct.2009 6:13:35 AM)

Transport rules are applied after the MSExchange Transport service is re-started...

So simply re-start the service after you make the change and it should take immediate effect.

RustyShackleford -> RE: Transport Rule - Disclaimer (25.Jan.2012 8:05:18 AM)

Anyone know the interval that transport rules are automatically applied?  

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