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shertbert99 -> Defrag is not shrinking my EDB to the amount of data in it (26.Sep.2009 4:57:53 PM)

Hi I have a EDB file that only has 6GB of data in it but when I defragged it, it only went down to 12GB from 14GB. Any ideas how I can get it smaller?

Here are details of what I did.

I am using Exchange 2000 and my .edb file hit 14GB so I went to defrag it and it said it was corrupted. So I ran eseutil /p to repair it. It said it repaired it successfully. Then I tried to defrag it again with eseutil /d and it only took it down to 12GB.

When I check under Exchange System Manager > My Storage Group > Mailboxes. I only see about 6GB of space used by all the mailboxes in there.

I checked and the setting to save deleted emails is set to 0 days. So I can't figure out why my EDB is still so big.

Do you think it's because it got corrupted? Any thoughts on what I can do to get it back down to 6GB?

(My edb file is not the priv or pub edb file if that makes a difference)

Thanks for the help -> RE: Defrag is not shrinking my EDB to the amount of data in it (26.Sep.2009 5:12:02 PM)

Well, I'm sad to say that you looked in the most useless place going.
Look instead at event id 1221 in the application event log. That will give you an accurate view of how much free space there is, taking into consideration deleted items retention and other system aspects.
I would imagine that since you got 2GB back the free space is probably pretty small.

ashishjoshi1 -> RE: Defrag is not shrinking my EDB to the amount of data in it (27.Sep.2009 5:12:53 AM)

ESM does not shows the exact amount of white space in the database,it will show actual number of emails and the size of the emails in the database.
You should look for event id 1221 in the application logs, description of this event will tell you how much is the white space in the DB.
One very important thing to remember is if you want your databases to shrink, you should make sure that online defragmentation is completing successfully because online defrag will only calculate the white space in the DB and mark the data for deletion and will actually delete it. Offline defrag is the process which runs after online defrag had completed it tasks of marking the emails or objects for deletion after the retention period is over, in your case it is 0 which is immediate.
Make sure online defrag is completing successfully, running offline defrag will not be helpful unless online defrag is not successful.
Ashish Joshi

shertbert99 -> RE: Defrag is not shrinking my EDB to the amount of data in it (28.Sep.2009 11:55:38 AM)

Thanks guys I think you helped me figure out what is going on.

I checked the events and noticed the online defragmentation was failing prior to when I repaired the database.

When I did an offline defrag, it was after I repaired it and I didn't give it a chance to do a new online defrag on the repaired database. That is why it probably only freed up 2GB.

I checked the events after I did the repair and the online defrag is working again and says 7GB is used. So I'll run an offline defrag tonight which should get it down to 7GB.

Defraging it offline again worked. I am now down to 6GB.


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