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Seven_PRX -> Exchange Search in 2000 (problem) (29.Sep.2009 9:46:34 AM)

Hi there. We are using Exchange 2000.
Full Text Indexing is disabled on all servers/stores.

So, when a user searches in Outlook, how does this search actually work?

I mean, is it the client doing the searching, or does the request get forwarded to the Exchange server, which then does the actual search?

We are using Outlook XP (2002).

I'm asking because we recently moved a bunch of mailboxes from 1 server to another server, and the users who got moved, now are complaining, that when they do a search, they 1st see old messages found, and only after a wait do they get the results from newer messages. Which doesn't make much sense to me...


Seven_PRX -> RE: Exchange Search in 2000 (problem) (30.Sep.2009 9:01:45 AM)

Ok, just found this KB:
So it's known issue. Don't see any hotfixes listen - does anybody know if any exist?

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