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smilch -> Calendar Edit Prompts for Credentials (29.Sep.2009 1:22:52 PM)

I have several exchange servers running at different locations all within the same forest . We have just started a Domain migration with a different forest . At one location we are experiancing a problem . When you go to the schedule tab of a reoccuring appointment that you made with a  user at only one of these locations you get a prompt to enter your logon credentials . If the client is not in cached exchange mode  the problem does not appear . To my knowlege I have alot of usuers creating appointment for mettings between locations and this has not been a problem . the domain migration is the only change  Im aware of .  I have check ed the security logs on both exchange servers a t location A and B and there is no evidence to suggest that a user failed a security audit .

uemurad -> RE: Calendar Edit Prompts for Credentials (29.Sep.2009 2:01:13 PM)

Just speculating, but since it works in non-cache mode (reading directly from the server) and doesn't work in cache mode (reading the OST file), I'd suspect that something is amiss in the OST file.  I would force Outlook to rebuild the OST file (close Outlook, rename or delete the outlook.ost file, then launch Outlook).

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