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joey_martin -> Exchange 2007 SP2 Incomplete (1.Oct.2009 6:59:34 AM)

I am looking for any information or assistance on the following issue.

I attempted to install SP2 on our Exchange 2007 Server a few nights ago. Everything was going fine until it got to point of upgrading the MailboxRole. The installation failed with the error:

Event Type:    Error
Event Source:    MSExchangeSetup
Event Category:    Microsoft Exchange Setup
Event ID:    1002
Date:        29/09/2009
Time:        11:26:58 PM
User:        N/A
Computer:    MAIL
Exchange Server component Mailbox Role failed.
Error: Error:
Active Directory operation failed on The object 'CN=First Storage Group,CN=InformationStore,CN=MAIL,CN=Servers,CN=Exchange Administrative Group (FYDIBOHF23SPDLT),CN=Administrative Groups,CN=xxx,CN=Microsoft Exchange,CN=Services,CN=Configuration,DC=vfn,DC=xxx,DC=xxx' already exists.

The object exists.

For more information, see Help and Support Center at


According to a coworker, a previous installation of SP1 also gave them issues and it looks like it was never completed. This server runs all roles and as it stands right now they have all been upgraded to SP2 with the exception of the MailBox role and the management tools. The server seems to be running fine, but there are a few event viewer errors that could be attributed to the mailbox role not matching everything else.

A couple of things:

Performing a baseline health check before the upgrade always showed the "MailboxRole configured partially"

I have researched this quite a bit and can't find a definitive workaround or fix. The only thing I was thinking about trying was running Sp1 upgrade again on the mailbox role and if successful, then upgrade the mailboxrole to sp2. I have a funny feeling this would result in the same error message when I install sp2 though.

Any insight or things to try would be appreciated.



jveldh -> RE: Exchange 2007 SP2 Incomplete (1.Oct.2009 4:34:47 PM)

Hi Joey,

Exchange detects this during a registry key which is set, you will find it in:


a key Watermark exists. Normally if an installation succeeds you will find the unpackedversion and configuredversion.

You may delete the key after confirming the cause in the setup log this will let you continue the setup. But as said earlier please check the setup log what is causing the issue and use the removal of the watermark as last option.

See this Microsoft KB article:

joey_martin -> RE: Exchange 2007 SP2 Incomplete (1.Oct.2009 5:48:27 PM)

Thanks for the reply...

My apologies but I should have mentioned this in my initial post. At the start of the SP2 upgrade this exact issue happened to me and I followed the procedure below and it allowed me to continue on with the SP2 installation. After successfully upgrading all the roles, it was then the error occurred.

After this failed installation, the watermark is replaced under MailboxRole. Matching that value up with my setup logs this is where the setups biffs out:

# [ID = 3251f93e, Wt = 1, isFatal = True] "Creating first storage group"
new-storagegroup -Server:$RoleFqdnOrName -Name:"First Storage Group" -DomainController $RoleDomainController

This is a very difficult thing to find any info on. I am running a windows server 2008 domain controller in the domain, but I also have a couple of windows 2003 sp2 domain controllers as that shouldn't be affecting this.


jveldh -> RE: Exchange 2007 SP2 Incomplete (2.Oct.2009 3:33:00 PM)


From the log part you have posted you can see that it tries to create a new storage group which already exists I guess because you already have the mailbox server in production. What I recommend is to backup the databases and log files and remove the mailbox role. Then reinstall it and ensure that you create the storage groups and databases with the exact names as the current one. Then dismount the databases and replaced them with the current databases.

joey_martin -> RE: Exchange 2007 SP2 Incomplete (5.Oct.2009 11:36:35 AM)

I figured I would be going down this route sooner than later.

Here is another kicker with this server. It is currently running as a domain controller as well! Before I started the procedure of removing domain services from this exchange server, I wanted to make sure it was in good health with SP's before I started. Could I eliminate some work by doing the following?

1. Install new Exchange 2007 Server will all roles and update to latest patches/SP
2. Migrate all data from existing Exchange server to new Exchange server.
3. Uninstall Exchange from old server
4. Demote old server

Would migrating exchange data from my existing server with a incompleted SP install complain when I try to migrate it to a clean fully patched exchange 2007 server?


jveldh -> RE: Exchange 2007 SP2 Incomplete (5.Oct.2009 1:25:32 PM)


It should work as you described. One other recommendation is to install a dedicated domaincontroller without Exchange. You could use it as fileserver if you don't have more hardware but not both DC and Exchange on one server.

joey_martin -> RE: Exchange 2007 SP2 Incomplete (5.Oct.2009 1:32:32 PM)

Thanks again for the reply.

I already have multiple DC's up and running in addition to this one so I'm covered there. I am going to follow the following procedure:

1. Build new Exchange 2007 Server running on Windows 2008 (not R2). Patch and upgrade this server to all latest from Microsoft.
2. Migrate all mailbox data/settings to new Exchange server...test, test and more test.
3. Uninstall Exchange Server from old server.
4 Demote that sucker!

Now it is running on decent hardware so if I want to reuse the hardware, I just basically perform the same migration steps correct?

Its going to be a looong weekend!


jveldh -> RE: Exchange 2007 SP2 Incomplete (5.Oct.2009 1:43:56 PM)


It looks ok what you are planning to do don't forget to move the FSMO roles if their hosted on the current DC. What you can do is already install the mailboxrole on a new server so you can move the mailboxes to the new one which will save some time in the weekend.

ravinderku -> Exchange 2007 SP2 Incomplete (2.Nov.2009 2:24:50 AM)

The steps for upgrading an Exchange 2007 CCR to SP2 is different from the procedure that we follow for non clustered servers. Check my article for upgrading non clustered exchange servers to SP2.
Note: The procedure to upgrade Exchange 2007 CCR is the same whether you have a CCR without any service pack, with SP1 or with SP1 and any update rollups.
You can only upgrade CCR nodes by using the shell. The command to be run is /mode:upgrade (Setup /M:Upgrade in short). You cannot upgrade CCR nodes by using the GUI.
The process in a nutshell is to upgrade the passive node first, restart, move CMS to the passive node, upgrade the CMS which makes the node the active one & then upgrade the initial active node and restart.
My lab has two CCR nodes, CCR2 (active) and CCR1 (passive). The CMS name is MBX and windows cluster is CCRCLUSTER. Both nodes have SP1 installed with Update Rollup 9. You don’t have to delete the update rollups manually.
1. Upgrade The Passive CCR Node:
Log into the passive node (CCR1 in my case) with an admin account. Make sure to stop any monitoring services which are running on the server like MOM agents. You can also put the server in maintenance mode for 30 minutes so that email alerts doesn’t fill your inbox. This is very important in a large organization as you will have a dedicated monitoring team.
Launch a command prompt window and navigate to the exchange 2007 sp2 installation directory / dvd drive. Run the command /Mode:Upgrade

Setup runs the exchange pre-requisites check for the mailbox role.

Once the checks are completed, the following happens in order.

  • Preparing the SP2 setup
  • Removing the exchange files on the system
  • Starts copying files from the dvd / installation folder.
  • Installs the mailbox server role.
  • Installs management tools
  • And finalize the setup.

Restart the server once the command completes successfully.
2. Upgrade the Clustered Mailbox Server
Once the passive server gets restarted and is back online, it will be running Exchange 2007 SP2. Do note that the active node is still online and serving the users. We need to upgrade the Clustered Mailbox Server (CMS) now, before we upgrade the present active node.
Before upgrading the CMS, we need to stop the CMS that is running on the active node and then move it to the passive node (upgraded server). This step will result in exchange server becoming unavailable for CMS users and hence has to be done out of hours.
Log into the passive node, launch the exchange shell and run the following command to stop the CMS. You can also do it from the console if you prefer to do so.
Stop-ClusteredMailboxServer MBX –StopReason “SP2 Upgrade”

Confirm the step by pressing “Y”.

Make sure that the cluster status is Offline.
Once the cluster is stopped, move the CMS to the passive node from the console or by running the following command from the shell.
Move-ClusteredMailboxServer MBX –TargetMachine CCR2 –MoveComment “SP2 Upgrade”

Confirm the step as well.

Navigate to the exchange 2007 sp2 installation folder /dvd and upgrade the CMS by running the following command. You can’t use the console for this step. /UpgradeCMS
Setup runs a pre-requisite check before upgrading the CMS.

Once the setup was completely successfully, it brought the stopped cluster online & now we have an upgraded CCR running on one node. You can check the status of the cluster using Failover Cluster Management tool. Users can start connecting to the cluster from now on.

3. Upgrade The Initial Active Node (Now Passive)
Login to the present passive node (initial active node) with an admin account. Launch a command prompt window and navigate to the exchange 2007 sp2 installation directory / dvd drive. Run the command /Mode:Upgrade 
Setup runs the pre-requisite check and installs the service pack.

Restart the server and now you have an Exchange 2007 SP2 CCR.

I did the same but i am getting error on setup /upgradeCMS

[PS] E:\Exchange SP2\E2K7SP2EN64>.\setup /upgradeCMS

Welcome to Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Unattended Setup

Preparing Exchange Setup

No server roles will be installed

Performing Microsoft Exchange Server Prerequisite Check

Organization Checks ......................... COMPLETED

Configuring Microsoft Exchange Server

Extending Active Directory schema
Progress ......................... FAILED (at 5%)
Active Directory server is not available. Error message:
The LDAP server returned an unknown error.

XXXXXX is my Cluster mailbox name

The Exchange Server Setup operation did not complete. For more information, visi
t and enter the Error ID.

Exchange Server setup encountered an error.

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