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bkpierce -> Error filling event log (1.Oct.2009 12:24:46 PM)

There is an error that keeps showing up for two users in the application log.

Event ID: 1023
Source: POP3SVC

Error 0x7da occurred while rendering message 0007-000001cfb0ef for download for user <user>@<domain>.com.

None of our users connect via POP3 it's all through Exchange. Both users have the same message id constantly show up in the event log. No other users have showed up. The error shows up all throughout the work day as well as overnight, basically 24/7.

OS is Windows SBS 2003

Any help as to how this can be fixed would be greatly appreciated.

uemurad -> RE: Error filling event log (1.Oct.2009 3:51:59 PM)

From what I've read, the likely causes are AntiVirus software on the server, or that it's a warning only.  Since none of your users connect via POP3 (and I'm assuming your server isn't making any POP3 connections to download or send out messages), you might consider disabling that service.

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