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ronanweblinx -> Replacement Server (6.Oct.2009 9:50:35 AM)

We currently have an exchange 2007 server running on Server 2008.  This box is very low in resources and needs to be replaced. This is a DC but does NOT handle any user logins and is only used for Exchange.

My process for replacing this box is to build a new server, give it the same name and IP address, Install the roles as required and re-create the mailboxes. Then restore the logs and DB from a backup.

This way I will not need to make any changes to the cname etc..

Can anyone advise as to any issues I may run into or suggest any more suitable setup? -> RE: Replacement Server (6.Oct.2009 10:00:16 AM)

Nooo. Rather than re-create mailboxes you will move them from old to new. You will replicate public folders (if any) from old to new.

You can use: which is the store move but it takes time and requires downtime. The first idea is free of any outages.

ismail.mohammed -> RE: Replacement Server (6.Oct.2009 10:07:01 AM)

hi mate,

There are two ways you can achieve it either you can go by adding new server into the exchange organization and do a transition from this server to the new server

Or else you can go with your method. The only concern with your method you need to face downtime issue and you need to stick to the data what you had before and if you go with the transition you can take a lesson from the existing server and create new storage group as per the requirement and creating different strategy. It is just a tought because you are the right person to judge which makes you more comfortable and easy method based on the existing environment.

Now if you go with your plan
> Bring the new server
> Give the same server and ip address
> Install the same os and patches
> Install exchange by running /recoverserver : This command will take care of your roles whichever you had previously
Note : Before you do this activity make a note of your exchange organization name just as a precaution
> Then restore the databases
> Make sure before you reconnet the database mailbox - ensure that user account doesn't possess the email address.

Last but not least : First you try in your lab like VM environment to see how it goes.

lukebrynycz -> RE: Replacement Server (8.Oct.2009 8:40:14 AM)

Replicate active directory from the old server to another current server so you have 2 domain controllers.  Wait for replication.  Whilst this is going, simply copy the .edb from your current exchange and dump it on the new server temporarily.

Now install exchange 2007 again on your new server and copy the .edb file right over the default store.  This is the new database portability feature which allows you to simply copy and paste the information store right across to a new server with a different hostname and/or ip address.

That's the way I would do it.  Either that or, as above, use the move mailbox wizard whilst you have 2 exchange servers online then simply demote the old one.

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