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aidolynch -> Attachment received as text (29.Oct.2009 2:23:27 AM)

hoping someone can assist with this issue as I'm stuck between IT saying they can't help and our vendor saying they can't help.

Our vendor application has a schedule email function that had been working nicely until our email accounts were migrated to exchange server 2007.  I'm now receiving the emails with pages of text like below instead of an excel attachment..


The IT departent here have said that the vendor are presenting the attachment first in the SMTP stream and the body subsequently where the standards dictate that they should present the body first and attachments subsequently.

This was not a problem in the older implementation of the standards but the exchange 2007 standard RFC 2183 is more conscious of SMTP/MIME buffer overflows leading to compromise. 

The vendor are telling me that this is working find for every other client that is on exchange 2007 and are not willing to make any change.  My IT department are saying it's the vendor's fault for not adhering to the standard.  They say they can't make any configuration changes to resolve this and they are unwilling to leave an account on 2003 for receipt of the reports.

I tried getting the vendor to switch over to plain text format of the email but the same thing occurs.  Also if I check the mail in OWA first the same issue occurs, but checking my gmail it is fine.

Below is the text that appears at the start of an example email.
Any suggestions gratefully appreciated.

--mc_mail_boundary(20091028102629.dl4.da2.4ae92785e3d381.55837541@[vendor name].com)_
Content-Type: text/plain;
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit

Report Name:   Media Report

--mc_mail_boundary(20091028102629.dl4.da2.4ae92785e3d381.55837541@[vendor name].com)_
Content-Type: application/;
Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64
Content-Disposition: Attachment;

............ Continues like this for a few pages.

jveldh -> RE: Attachment received as text (29.Oct.2009 4:05:56 PM)


Is there a virusscanner or something installed which is hooked to SMTP?

aidolynch -> RE: Attachment received as text (29.Oct.2009 7:01:02 PM)

Hi Johan,

we have an ion port scanner in place but IT tell me that mails from the vendor are white listed and therefore pass straight through to us.

jveldh -> RE: Attachment received as text (30.Oct.2009 3:51:35 PM)


OK but the ironport is the spam filter is there any kind of virusscanner on the Exchange server itself?

aidolynch -> RE: Attachment received as text (3.Nov.2009 6:59:14 PM)

McAfee is installed but they assure me the issue is with the vendor  †
From the IT dept..
Vendorís server sends emails [ description | attachment | email ] rather than [description | email | attachment ] which our old systems were old enough to realise was the weird way of doing things and fix, but new systems refuse to handle this.
Exchange 2003 is being phased out. We are not changing any more config to fit around third parties implementations of what should be a standard way of doing things.

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