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power988 -> Install exchange 2003 (3.Nov.2009 2:28:11 AM)

Hi guys,

I have two new server. Both the server in running window 2k3. Server A role is AD, DNS, File server. While Server B is purly running exchange. The problem is when I try to run forestprep on server B, its give an error and cant install.

1. Is the forestprep should be run on Server A? Domainprep run on both server?
2. Do I have to make Server B as a child domain inorder or install AD so that I can install exchange?
3. Must .Net framework,, WWW, SMTP and NNTP run on both server?

Pls advise....

ismail.mohammed -> RE: Install exchange 2003 (3.Nov.2009 2:34:43 AM)

You can execute it from Exchange Server itself.

Can you check exchangesetupprogress log why it is getting failed

power988 -> RE: Install exchange 2003 (3.Nov.2009 2:42:56 AM)

Server B is a new installed win2k3 and just a domain. Dont need to run forestprep on Server A? As when I run forestprep or domainprep, it work fine at server A. but Server B just failed. 

ismail.mohammed -> RE: Install exchange 2003 (3.Nov.2009 2:56:39 AM)

What is the error message you are getting..Let us know the exchangesetupprogress.log.

If in server A executed successfully then you don't require to re-run. Just you can start the setup.

To confirm the execution apert from the logs check this link:

power988 -> RE: Install exchange 2003 (3.Nov.2009 3:06:41 AM)

to make it clear. Server A is a DC while Server B is a member server. When running forestprep on member server, it give an error , i dont have the right to install or the system can't support, etc. Is it forestprep and domainprep can only run in DC which is server A. Once everythings install on Server A.

Server B (Member server) just need to install framework,, smtp, etc and exchange. No forestprep or domainprep need to be run on server B???

Msgblog -> RE: Install exchange 2003 (3.Nov.2009 3:19:59 AM)

Forestprep has only to be run in the forest root domain and domainprep in every domain exchange servers exists. Best practise is to run forestprep on the schema master and domainprep too if it's a single domain forest.

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