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tomcod -> Migration - Multiple HT Servers (5.Nov.2009 12:15:56 AM)

Heads up, GroupWise admin migrating to Exchange 2007. Please forgive me if my question borders on nonsense, I'm playing catchup here.

We have three HT servers which will be routing mail to and from IronPort appliances.

Is it best practice to point incoming mail to a single receive connector on one HT server and Letting Exchange balace the load?

Or should all three servers have identicle receive connectors with IronPort pointing to each HT server?

I've searched like mad for any white papers or best practices guide on this an haven't found any info. Any bumps in the right direction are appreciated.

syedfaizan -> RE: Migration - Multiple HT Servers (5.Nov.2009 6:35:51 AM)

We have ironport gateways and every HT has its own recieve connector which accepts mail from mail gateways , our ironport is balanced though
Hope this helps out

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