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addy4488 -> Email archiving query (9.Nov.2009 6:09:22 AM)


Can anybody please advise of the best tools/software with which to approach email archiving in Exchange 2007

We're looking at what we need to do to comply with legal issues etc.... and I want to know what software can be used in conjunction with Exchange 2007 in order to best achieve this

Is anybody using anything that might be of interest? Somebody mentioned to me something from GFI as a possible solution? Perhaps there are others

Any advice is greatly appreciated.


rwbrady -> RE: Email archiving query (9.Nov.2009 7:03:33 AM)

I too am looking for a recommendation and feedback from users of an archiving product. I have a single E2K7 server with less than 100 users that I need an archiving solution for.
Thanks, Bob

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