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skipdog77 -> Design Questions (13.Nov.2009 10:10:02 AM)

I am wondering if the following scenario would work:

Current Setup:

1 Front End Exchange 2003 Server
1 Back End Exchange 2003 Server

We purchased a new server that will run Windows 2008 64 (or R2) and we plan to install Exchange 2010 on it. We don't have a second server license to run another 2008 which is required for Exchange 2010 (to run a dedicated Hub Transport server). So, can we run all of the Exchange 2010 roles on the new box? We would perform a weekend swing of all users to the new server. My thoughts would be the new 2010 box would then be front facing for OWA. We would leave the two 2003 boxes up so that MAPI profiles would automatically move to the right server. Also, does RPC over HTTP work with a single 2010 server?


Henrik Walther -> RE: Design Questions (14.Nov.2009 9:47:38 AM)

Installing all Exchange 2010 roles on a single machine will not cause any issues in terms of transitioning from Exchange 2003 to 2010.

skipdog77 -> RE: Design Questions (14.Nov.2009 10:06:54 AM)


Thanks for the quick reply.

Two questions:

1) Will RPC over HTTPS operate correctly in a single 2010 server?
2) In a transition period, would the 2010 server be able to ferry requests for OWA users still on 2003 back to the original 2003 servers? Or would I really need to swing all the users to 2010 immediately to avoid this situation?


Henrik Walther -> RE: Design Questions (14.Nov.2009 10:35:29 AM)

1) Yes Exchange 2010 can proxy Outlook Anywhere to Exchange 2003 back-end servers just fine.

2) And yes the Exchange 2010 Client Access server role can process OWA requests and send them to a front-end or back-end 2003 server.

For more infor on how you upgrade to CAS 2010 from 2003, also see this section in the Exchange 2010 Online documentation:

skipdog77 -> RE: Design Questions (14.Nov.2009 10:44:38 AM)


Thanks for confirming my thoughts!! Appreciate your time!


Henrik Walther -> RE: Design Questions (14.Nov.2009 1:42:51 PM)

My pleasure.

Coillcumhann -> RE: Design Questions (5.Dec.2009 5:11:04 AM)

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