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nnmmss -> mailbox size limitation (16.Nov.2009 3:49:57 AM)

 have defined a mailbox limitation on mailboxes on Exchange server(server 2).this exchange server is located locally on company and there is another mail server which is located on the internet(server 1) and sends any email to server 2.when a mailbox reaches to its limits and and server 1 sends email to that mailbox, no email is can reach to mailbox ( which is normal) because it is over quota. and that email is not in server 1 any more.I mean it is neither in server 1 nor in mailbox. when i track the  email i get this report:SMTP: Message Submitted to Advanced QueingSMTP: Started Message Submission to  Advanced QueueSMTP: Message SUbmitted to CategorizerSMTP: Message Categorized and Queued forRoutingSMTP: Message QUeued for local DeliverySMTP: Message Delivered Locally to "Email Account"SMTP: Non-Delivered Report(NDR) Generatedas you can  see the mail is not delivered to Email account,now my questions are:1- how can the system sent a notification to  sender or receiver2- in that case if i remove the limitation size and then press "send / receiver button" in outlook, that email  is not received in out look, how can i get that email?thank you

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