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nothingmore -> Nokia Mail for Exchange (17.Nov.2009 10:21:39 AM)

yesterday we have migrate to exchange server 2010. After this update we can't connect to active sync with nokia smartphones (N95, E66, E75).
Any Windows Mobile devices have no problems with syncronisation.

we have no idea what the problem is.

jveldh -> RE: Nokia Mail for Exchange (1.Dec.2009 5:20:41 AM)


This will not work on the moment see this post on the Nokia forum:

nothingmore -> RE: Nokia Mail for Exchange (1.Dec.2009 5:35:58 AM)


thanks for your answer.
last week I  found an error in windows event log with the id 1053, there was the problem. I set the checkbox in active directory and now the smartphone syncronizes normally with the exchange server

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