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dcsmith09 -> Migrating SBS From Old Hardware to New (17.Nov.2009 11:39:43 AM)

I have SBS '03 running on a box that is dieing. I'll be ordering a new server within the next 10 days and I am trying to get a jump on learning all the details of moving mailboxes with Exmerge. There are at least 2 major changes to be made on the new server:

1) The domain name will change
The current name is "company.com" - this confilcts with our web name of www.company.com. The new domain name will be "company.office".

2) The user names will all change.
The current users are all 1st names, ie: bob.company or jim.company.
In the new domain we will all be fname.lname.company, ie:
bob.jones.company or jim.johnson.company .

I've been installing SBS on a spare server to work through all the details. I'm now ready to do some test moves. I've created test users and added some messages to their mailboxes. I've created new users on the test box. I don't want to send all of the existing users over, just the test users. What sorts of problems am I likely to encounter and how can I avoid/get around them?



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