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Damo@LS -> OST File size (17.Nov.2009 8:16:46 PM)

Hi im new to having to manage exchange servers and im having a problem decreasing the size of one of my users ost files.  I created an archive folder in the hopes she could just drag and drop mail she wanted to archive into that folder but it doesnt seem to be working.

The file size isnt decreasing at all when I drag and drop the mail into the archive folder. 

My problem is when I open up outlook on here computer its using like 1.6GB of ram which has been causing her some problems.  Im trying to decrease the size of her ost file because im thinknig the computer is loading that into ram whenever she has outlook open, which is all the time.

Any ideas anyone?

jveldh -> RE: OST File size (18.Nov.2009 5:23:07 AM)


Have a look at this article which describes how you can limit the size of OST:


Damo@LS -> RE: OST File size (18.Nov.2009 3:31:08 PM)

Thats cool, but i dont really want to limit my users size on their ost file, well, not so things stop working if they get to a particular size.  I dont think they'd be happy with that.

What i want to do is behind the scenes archive off stuff onto thier local machine and make a backup of that pst for them that i can restore if needed.

But I thought i'd made an archive folder properly and I dragged and dropped the files I wanted to archive into it, but the OST file didnt decrease, i restarted outlook but still no love.  The ost and pst files are still the same size after archiving.

What am i doing wrong? 

jveldh -> RE: OST File size (19.Nov.2009 2:58:38 AM)


In that case you may place the file on a fileshare which is offline available, although Microsoft does not recommand this.

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