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micronp450 -> CAS FAILOVER? (20.Nov.2009 9:45:23 PM)

If I have a NLB CAS (2 of them) in my production site and one in my DR site hwo do I tell the Outlook clients that are sitting in my prod site to failover to the DR CAS? In 2007 we had move-mail -configonly but I do not see anything in 2010 that covers this area. Looking forward to an answer.


jveldh -> RE: CAS FAILOVER? (21.Nov.2009 2:08:24 PM)


I think you mean move-mailbox -configonly ? This only directed the mailbox to a functional server which in your case redirected it to another CAS when the mailboxserver was in an other site correct ?

In Exchange 2010 you need to modify the CAS server on the mailbox server using the following commannd:

Set-MailboxDatabase “NAME_OF_DATABASE” -RPCClientAccessServer casserver.client.local

One of the remarks is that this only works for Outlook 2007 and higher.

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