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CMO6753 -> Journaling Question (23.Nov.2009 6:01:59 PM)

I need to journal every email coming in and out of my organization. Is it possible to use a distribution list as a means to journal and archive my emails to a 3rd party solution? If so, is there anything I can do to be redundant? Maybe add in another DL? Also if I were to use a DL to journal my mail into a 3rd party solution, do I still need to keep that DL on a separate database? -> RE: Journaling Question (23.Nov.2009 6:17:12 PM)

Why a DL? What 3rd party solution? What do they say to do?
Not sure where you're going with this question.

CMO6753 -> RE: Journaling Question (24.Nov.2009 8:28:25 AM)

We have multiple 3rd party solutions that I have to archive to. Thats why I ask about using a DL. -> RE: Journaling Question (24.Nov.2009 8:41:05 AM)

I think you can put in multiple journaling rules.

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