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farkmischer -> Event ID 1000 (28.Nov.2009 4:11:19 PM)

I am getting two event ID 1000 (Faulting application store.exe, version 6.5.7654.12, stamp 492cd78a, faulting module kernel32.dll, version 5.2.3790.4480, stamp 49c51f0a, debug? 0, fault address 0x0007aa97.) every five minutes and then the Information Store Restarts.
In the last 12 hours I have started getting an Event ID 9175 (The MAPI call 'OpenMsgStore' failed with the following error:
The Microsoft Exchange Server computer is not available. Either there are network problems or the Microsoft Exchange Server computer is down for maintenance.
The MAPI provider failed.
Microsoft Exchange Server Information Store
ID no: 8004011d-0526-00000000 ) as well.

From my research all the solutions quote a different dll in the description and so far nothing has worked. This all seemed to start after we deleted some old mailboxes that were rather large. I did an offline defrag of priv1.ebd and that seemed to help for 8 hours but then the problem started up again. I tried to run isinteg but even with all the mailboxes dismounted the information store does not stay running more than 5 minutes to complete the test. I did a repair on exchange server 2003 sbs but that didn't seem to fix the problem either.
I am now out of ideas and getting annoyed. How do I figure out what is wrong.

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