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aliyev.elkhan -> Public Folder Change Problem (5.Dec.2009 8:34:58 AM)

Hi I have problem that I removed my public folder. When i opened my exchange mailbox store it gives me win 32 error then when i tried bworse public folders it gives me
...\\\Public Folder Store (DOMAIN)\0ADEL:e1767341-7596-4562-9acd-951ad7091373

and error

The operation failed because you do not have permission on the administrative group containing the public folder

I want change public folder. I created new public folder, Then i did this:

jchong -> RE: Critical Issues - Best Practice Analyzer Tool (24.Apr.2007 12:05:38 PM)

You will need to re-home your site folder in adsiedit.msc

1. open adsiedit.

CN=Administrative Groups,CN=Organization,CN=Microsoft


3. Right-click the object for your administrative group and select

4. Click the Attribute Editor tab.

5. Under the Attributes column, click SiteFolderServer.

6. Click Edit. The distinguished name in the Value field is the full path to
the server

James Chong (MVP)
MCSE | M+, S+, MCTS, Security+

But the problem not resolved. Please help me 

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