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aidnluci -> exchange server active directory (9.Dec.2009 10:48:11 PM)

HI All,

I just installed Exchange Server 2010 yesterday.  The installation completed but I received some error messages while opening EMC.  I decided to uninstall Exchange Server 2010 but the system would not allow me to.  Than I decided to simply wipe out the system and start fresh.  I reinstalled Windows 2008 Server Standard Edition and than Exchange Server 2010 with the typical settings.  The installation was successful this time but now I have the original Exchange Server displaying in EMC.  Is there a way to remove the original Exchange Server?  Is the original Exchange Server stuck in ad?  Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated.

jveldh -> RE: exchange server active directory (10.Dec.2009 5:08:00 PM)


Please use adsiedit to have a look in the Active Directory. Open the configuration partition and browse to services. Below that folder an item Exchange should be listed. Then find the server and delete it.

Keep in mind that you first create a backup of the AD before doiung this.

aidnluci -> RE: exchange server active directory (10.Dec.2009 5:11:52 PM)

thank you very much

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