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GoldenDog -> new hardware (14.Dec.2009 4:46:44 AM)

I have been doing some research on the new EX2010 Unified Messaging, specifically Voice Mail. Has anyone set up this new feature with an existing PBX? I am trying to find out what phone systems work, and anyone's real world experience implimenting this feature.

rekk1986 -> RE: new hardware (29.Jan.2010 9:38:19 PM)

I have been in your situation, but I also have no answer for it. Thanks.

edgar.morales -> RE: new hardware (9.Mar.2010 12:55:59 PM)

I recently performed a migration from an older Cisco Unity Voicemail platform to Microsoft's Unified Messaging server for about 500 users.  We are running Cisco Callmanager 6.1.  Here are a couple of article I've found that should help in finding a supported IP Gateway or PBX.

DLT -> RE: new hardware (5.Aug.2010 9:21:14 AM)

We have setup Exchange UM with our Nortel CS100 PBX, 650 users. This is Exchange 2007 but the concepts are the same. As long as your PBX is SIP compliant you should be ok. What do you want to know?

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