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dan85 -> No HTML-view when accessing shared inbox (Outlook 2003) (14.Dec.2009 9:15:30 AM)

Hello people,

I have question about viewing a inbox from another account with Microsoft Outlook 2003 on XP professional sp3. (send on behalf)

Our server is a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Small Businnes SP2 (dutch)

When the delegated user tries to view the shared inbox from the other person when using send on behalf, he's can only view the recieved e-mails in plain text and not in HTML. The message's that were sended to this account were true HTML-messages.

When logging in the account with the shared inbox on a random workstation, all the HMTL-emails are looking good in MS Outlook 2003.

So, only when a delegated user tries to opens the user shared inbox the problem occurs.

Is anyone familiar with this? That would be very welcome.


D. van der Zee
The Netherlands

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